Common Causes of Failure in Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Learn about common causes of failure during mobile auto glass repair including low quality glass, weather conditions, and lack of specialized tools.

Common Causes of Failure in Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass repair is a complex process that requires a trained eye and specialized tools. Chips and cracks in windshields can often be filled with resin and cured for a durable or even permanent repair. However, some damage is too complex or extensive to be repaired with a resin injection. In such cases, the windshield may need to be replaced instead. The most common causes of failure during the process of mobile auto glass repair are related to the quality of the glass itself.

Newer, lighter glass is being used to reduce fuel consumption, but this can lead to weak spots and cracks in the glass that make it too fragile for repair. If a crack has more than one crack extending from the center, if it extends to the edge of the windshield, or if the impact zone around the chip or crack is dented, then a complete replacement may be necessary. It's important to call a professional who specializes in windows or windshields if you suspect any damage. A self-made chip repair kit may seem like a cost-saving idea, but it could cause more damage to the windshield or overlook another problem that a professional could easily find. Physical workshops are becoming increasingly necessary for an automotive glass industry that is used to making mobile installations wherever the vehicle is located. Weather and temperature can have a huge effect on windshield repair, especially when a mobile technician or an amateur repairer is doing a job.

If it breaks while you're on the road, damage could result in an accident or the glass could fall on you and the front seat passenger, especially if sealants or glass lamination don't hold the windshield together at the edges. Equalizer Tools offers a wide variety of tools to complete any task related to the glazing of a car. One value-added service that many workshops currently provide or are considering providing is the replacement of automotive glass. The automotive glass industry uses warehouses that stock thousands of pieces of glass for dealers and glass manufactured by the original manufacturer for the vehicle you are going to service. With the functions of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in today's vehicles, the calibrations needed for automotive windows, and the many different types of repairs currently being performed in workshops, glass seems like an obvious choice for the business model. Downtime will depend on several variables, such as how quickly the service can be scheduled, the proximity to a physical service location, and the availability of mobile repair technicians. SafeliteGroup recently announced an agreement to acquire the automotive glass assets of Advanced Auto Glass in Weatherford, Texas.

This acquisition will help ensure that customers receive quality service and repairs when they need them most.